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CMA CGM Introduces Bag for Liquids Carried in Reefers

CMA CGM has launched a new temperature-controlled solution for the transportation of liquids. The system, Reeflex, was launched at Fruit…

Autonomous ship project, key facts about YARA Birkeland

The world's first zero emission, autonomous container feeder The vessel YARA Birkeland will be the world’s first fully electric and…

Crime or punishment ...... Igor Borisovich Naumenko

Crime or Punishment ...... Igor Borisovich Naumenko The case aroused a resonance not only among the public, but also among…

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Marlow Navigation Ukraine

Country:Ukraine, City: Odessa, Address: Troitska St, 45, Odesa, Ukraine

Phone: +380 482 496 490, Fax: +380 482 496 490

MARLOW NAVIGATION UKRAINE. ODESSA, UKRAINE. Redefining our partnership with seafarers in Ukraine Marlow Navigation Ukraine has been recruiting maritime personnel for ship and crew management services since 1996. Today, Marlow's Ukraine agency is the largest provider of deck and engine officers for the Marlow Group. This is supported by extensive in-house training and upgrading activities via the Ukrainian agency network, and a close co-operation with Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA), as well as with Kherson Maritime Specialized Training Centre (KMSTC). Marlow Navigation Ukraine has crewing offices throughout the country, including Odessa (Head Office), Kiev, Mariupol, Izmail, Nikolaev, and Kherson

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Maersk Crewing Ukraine

Country:Ukraine, : Odessa, Address: 18A Armeyskaya str., 2nd floor 65063 Odessa, Ukraine

Phone: +38 048 734 22 70, Fax: +38 048 734 22 75
Trust Service

Country:Ukraine, : Kherson, Address: 16 Kirova Str. Kherson, Ukraine 73003

Phone: +380(552)498002 +380(50)4942439 (mobile), Fax: +380(552)498178

V.Ships Ukraine

Country:Ukraine, : Odessa, Address: 37/2 Marshala Zhukova Avenue Odessa 65114 Ukraine

Phone: +380 (48) 7340-340, Fax: +380 (48) 7340-341
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